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your ditital identity

The “succes” of a hacker and its ransomware always starts with a working connection!

However, with 3 automated steps you can bring this “success” ratio close to zero; provided these steps are executed in a consistent and systematic manner.

Step 1 – Test the open doors of every endpoint. Close (and lock!) the doors that are not needed for your business applications.

Step 2 – Monitor every connection for its source and destination. Add the well-known, trusted sources and destinations to your white-lists for further automated processing.

Step 3 – Always use two different types of authentication before granting access to your desktop and the business applications.


What makes this combination more then interesting?

  •  The combined TCO is only a fraction of a traditional SIEM/log-file approach.
  •  An excellent vehicle for an early detection of suspicious connections.
  •  Based on these results, this also works for CVE’s similar to the ones found in the Citrix ADC/Netscaler.


Curious? Would like to know how more?

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3 steps to keep hackers and ransomware out